IMG_6234I’ve played with art for as long as I can remember. From the meticulous circles I drew as an 18-month-old toddler, to the most recent experiments in colored inks and acrylics, expression through art has been one of the consistent themes of my life. Admittedly, there have been lots of things I’ve tried only once, and screwed up (ceramics isn’t my strong suit). I’ve also tried things, been pretty good at them, but just not felt the muses’ blessing. In among the glorious failures and missed muses, I’ve found a few things that I do well and that continue to inspire me. For the most part these involve lots of color and texture and a degree of portability. Beads, colored string, markers and a sketch pad are all easy to throw in a backpack. Although, I’m getting the itch to take on some larger projects…an 8×10 area rug inspired by one of my Energy Drawings, or maybe a field of sunflowers painted on the dining room wall… Who knows! In the mean time check out what I’ve been up to lately and let me know what you think!